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I will try to update this blog, but most of the time will be posting to my own blog, so please visit and catch me there.

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Cisco Visio Stencil can be downloaded from link below;

click here

Hi Guys,

God bless Router Freak, it allow you to download Visio Stencil for different vendors once you have registered free account with them,

Check here

Good Question, but how do you do it? You have to Create AXL user in Call Manager with AXL Role Assigned and then in Unity Connection you have to configure Call Manager (or any server in cluster running AXL Services) as an AXL Server.

Call Manager Side;
1. First, you have to create User Group name it as ‘AXL_User’
2. Second, Assign ‘AXL API’ Role to this User Group.
3. Create Application User call it ‘ccmAXL’
4. Assign this user to ‘AXL_User’ Group.
5. Now all end users that will be using Voicemail should be also a member of  ‘AXL_User’ Group.

Now in Unity Connection;
1. Go to Telephony Integration
2. Click on Phone System.
3. Click on a your Phone system name ‘ in my case its CCME’
4. Click on Edit from Top Menu
5. Cisco Call Manager AXL Server
6. Enter IP Address of your Call Manager or Server Running AXL Service in your Cluster follow by Port ‘8443’ VERY Important.
7. Now Add User details that you have create in Call Manager as an Application User.
8. Now Go to Tools and Sync User with Call Manager or Important User from Call Manager.

That’ it …

Hey Guys !

Thought might just post this for someone wondering around how to Factory Rest Cisco IP Phone as not many people know this. Main reason you might consider factory reset is sometime it might wont register with Call Manager or unable to grab IP Phone address from DHCP or Config File from TFTP for no reason or just to delete LSC (Local Significant Certificate or Manufacturer Certificate) when you implement Security within your Call Manager environment.

1 – Unplug your IP Phone either from Wall Power Socket or PoE
2 – Hold # for like 3 or 4 sec
3 – The phone will now blink for few secs and ask for CODE.
4 – Now Enter 123456789*0#

That’s it, you are good to go.